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  • 6개월은 온라인 사기꾼들에게 458,000달러 상당의 막대한 암호화폐를 잃어 저와 제 가족에게 정말 힘든 한 해였습니다. 하지만 저를 구출하고 제게 생명과 기쁨을 되찾아준 복구 회사인 {ASSETS LAB LTD.} 덕분에 모두 감사했습니다. 그리고 우리 가족 모두 ..

    작년에 저는 {Chain crypto Investment plan}이라는 암호화폐 투자 플랫폼을 만났습니다. 그 플랫폼에서 오랫동안 팔로우한 후 비트코인 및 usdt 거래에 투자하여 좋은 수익을 얻을 수 있도록 도와주겠다고 약속했습니다. 그들은 나에게 그들의 플랫폼에 투자하라고 말하면서 그들이 암호화폐 채굴에 있어서 최고라고 확신시켰습니다. 그래서 나는 그들에게 내 암호화폐를 투자하기로 결정했습니다. 그들은 그들에게 여러 번 접근하려고 시도했지만 소용이 없었습니다. 그 사람들이 사라져서 플랫폼에서 더 이상 연락할 수 없었어요..

    저는 완전히 황폐하고 혼란스러워서 복구 기관을 찾아 해결책을 찾기 시작했습니다. 얼마 지나지 않아 많은 사람들이 도난당한 암호화폐 복구 역량에 대해 증언하고 있는 {Assets lab ltd}를 만났습니다..

    그래서 한 번 시도해보기로 결정하고 그들에게 연락하여 프로세스를 시작했습니다. 그들은 추적을 하고 사기임을 확인했습니다. 그들은 사건을 추적하여 도난당한 암호화폐를 복구할 수 있었습니다.

    오늘은 행복한 남자, 행복한 아버지, 행복한 형제입니다. 모두 {ASSETS LAB LTD} 덕분입니다.

    암호화폐 복구 및 기타 도난당한 자산에 대해 문의하세요..그 서비스는 최고 수준입니다..


    이메일: info@lab-assets.tech

    웹사이트: lab-assets.tech/

    왓츠앱: +17126004729
  • Six months was really a tough year for me and my family after losing a huge sum of crypto worth $458,000 to online scammers but all thanks to {ASSETS LAB LTD.} a recovery company who came for my rescue and brought back life and joy to me and my entire family ..

    Last year i ran into a crypto investment platform called {Chain crypto investment plan} that promised to help me invest on bitcoin and usdt trading for a good profit after following them for a long period of time on their platform. They told me to invest on their platform convincing me that they are the best when it comes to crypto mining so i decided to invest my crypto with them which turned out to be scam after so many times of trying to reach them but to no avail , they disappeared , i couldn't reach them anymore on the platform ..

    I was totally devastated and confused so i started looking for solution by looking for a recovering agency , not long until i came i across {Assets lab ltd} whom a lot of people were giving testimonies on their competency on recovery stolen crypto ..

    so i decided to give it a try , i contacted them and we started the process, they did some traces and confirmed that they were scam , They followed the case and was able to recover my stolen crypto .

    Today am a happy man , a happy father and a happy brother ..All thanks to {ASSETS LAB LTD}

    Contact them for your crypto recovery and any other of your stolen assets ..Their service is top notch..


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    I was introduced to UNIVERSALSPARK RECOVERY after my bitcoin and ether, valued $350M was stolen. It was a tragic circumstance, but I sincerely appreciated the assistance of UNIVERSALSPARK RECOVERY, who intervened and was able to recover everything I lost. A few months ago, I was investing my money in cryptocurrencies when I realized it was all a scam and that I had lost everything. I was referred to UNIVERSALSPARK RECOVERY  by a close childhood friend who has been using their services for over a year. They are an exceptionally talented squad of hackers. If you wish to get your lost bitcoin wallet or your bitcoin back, you should consider contacting us.

    Email: universalsparkrecovery@outlook.comSignal: +1(540) 324 9396WhatsApp;+1(678) 465 7358
    Telegram: @universalsparkrecovery
    • Hi everyone , i want to use this medium to throw a vote of thanks to ASSETS LAB RECOVERY , a crypto  recovery experts who assisted me get back my crypto lost to group of  online scam who disguised to be  a cryptocurrency investment platform.After so many convincement and high hopes  by the fake crypto investment company  , I  was convinced to make an  investment with them which i was promised   a good amount of   profits in  return from the investment .So i followed their process and invested with them but to my greatest surprise it turns out to be a big scam which i nearly lost my sanity and my life because i was so frustrated and confused and didn't know what to do .
               I was almost losing my life when i came across ASSETS LAB RECOVERY a professional crypto recovery company that was introduced to me by a friend  , I searched for them and reached to them for assistance and they provided support , dedication and professionalism throughout the whole process and was able to recover all my lost crypto .I thank ASSETS LAB RECOVERY for giving me reason and chance to live again , I thank ASSETS LAB RECOVERY for saving my life and bringing back joy to my life and my family , forever i will keep spreading the good news,
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      You can reach out to them through their contact below 

      Email: info@lab-assets.tech
      Whatsapp +17126004729
      Website: lab-assets.tech/