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  • “It’s an archetypal Palestinian image of a discussion, a debate on should we stay in one room, so if we die, we die together, or should we stay in separate rooms, so at least somebody can live?” he said.
    Refaat Al-Areer (left) sits with his friends and colleagues- Yousef Aljamal (center) and Jehad Abusalim (right)- on the Staten Island Ferry- during a book tour in (month) 2014

    Israel has said that dozens of men shown in unauthorized videos apparently filmed by Israeli soldiers after their surrender last week were suspected Hamas members, though many of the people in the videos have been identified as civilians.
    “His teaching wasn’t just about imparting knowledge; it was about empowerment, about using language as a weapon against oppression,” Abusalim added.

    who were trapped under rubble in central Gaza. In northern Gaza, Israeli troops are encircling Hamas’
    Alareer spoke to CNN from Gaza City, on October 12 and October 13. He gave consent in written messages to share the recording in the event of his death.
    “There is no food, or water, or medicine there — where approximately 250 people are still trapped inside. Anyone who tries to leave the hospital is shot at,” he said.
    Weeks later, on December 7, Alareer was killed by a strike in Shajaiya, in northern Gaza, his friend and colleague, Jehad Abusalim, confirmed to CNN. He was staying with his brother, his sister, and her four children, who were also killed, according to Abusalim, a writer, 35, based in Washington, DC.
    But as CNN has previously reported, the seeming lack of progress on this front is fueling the families’ growing anxiety.
    During his interview with CNN, Alareer called on the international community to see the “humanity” in Palestinian people, adding: “Feel their pain. Put yourself in their shoes.”
    The president pointed to his support for Israel, while acknowledging daylight on issues between himself and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, joking that he had once told the Israeli leader: “I love you, but I don’t agree with a damn thing you have to say.” He added: “It’s about the same today.”